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Principal's Message

Dear Timberlake Middle School Families,

I am so excited you have found our website. Welcome, and I hope you find it useful and informative. Timberlake Middle School, in my opinion, is simply "the best" and will continue to get better. We are committed to educating children and assisting them in developing academically, socially, and emotionally. 

TMS is all about our students!  With that being said, it takes all of us (parents, teachers, custodians, community members, etc.), to be successful in providing the BEST education possible. Here at TMS, we pride ourselves in offering a rigorous and challenging set of core classes along with exploratory courses that range in variety. Our teachers are among the best in Idaho. They will go above and beyond to assist students with individual needs and skill sets. In the three years here at TMS, I can promise a climate dedicated to learning, living, laughing, and loving. We as a staff get to enrich, encourage, and engage our students to set goals and achieve their dreams. I can't wait to watch the achievements over these amazing transitional years.

I have a few simple requests. Parents, please be involved with your child. We are here to assist in any capacity, however, we need to have open lines of communication and work together to ensure a successful adventure for your outstanding son or daughter. Middle School is a trying time emotionally and socially, so the more positive and supportive we all can be, the better. Students, get motivated, organized, and excited for a great ride! Tap into your strengths, get involved with activities, and focus on solutions not excuses. You have the ability to reach for the stars, so start reaching! 

So, welcome once again to Timberlake Middle School, home of the Tigers! We are so proud you are a part of our TEAM. Let's face the next couple of years with optimism, compassion, enthusiasm, and the willingness to work together to take the education of our children to the next level. I look forward to knowing all of you and developing a quality working relationship that ensures success for everyone. 

Chris McDougall